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Statesville injury lawyer Anthony Privette is a recognized leader in several areas of civil and criminal law. With years of experience and a highly-trained staff, Mr. Privette is dedicated to providing the highest quality representation to clients throughout North Carolina. We are a full-service firm catering to diverse client needs, from criminal matters involving DUIs, drug offenses, and white collar crimes, to wills, trusts, and estate administration.

Whether you need help fighting a traffic citation or forming a corporate entity, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Mr. Privette has successfully handled a variety of matters ranging from real estate transactions to employment law issues, representing individuals and businesses alike. He has also prevailed in numerous personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, recovering millions of dollars for injured victims and workers across the state.

Your Defender Against Traffic And DUI Charges

The General Statutes of North Carolina set forth laws governing speed and other traffic violations. But according to recent statistics, North Carolina is one of the top 10 ticket-issuing states. You do not have to accept a tainted record, pay fines, or lose your driving privileges based on an improperly-issued citation. A proper defense can result in reduced charges or even dismissal of your case. If you need help contesting your ticket, a North Carolina traffic citation attorney can help you fight the charges, avoid high fines, and preserve your driving record. Mr. Privette has extensive experience defending drivers with alleged violations for speeding and DUI.

While police officers have discretion to stop suspected drunk drivers, they cannot improperly subject drivers to breathalyzer tests or arrest them without probable cause. In alleged drug crimes, any violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights may likewise result in the exclusion of evidence from trial. Defendants may therefore suppress evidence of a drug crime if police obtained the evidence without a warrant or through an illegal search and seizure. Like DUIs and drug-related offenses, white collar crimes are amenable to similar legal defenses that can drastically reduce sentencing. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you avoid jail time, costly fines, and a criminal record.

An Attorney You Can Rely On If You Are Injured

If you were injured in an accident or on the job, North Carolina law entitles you to several forms of compensation, including medical expenses, lost income, and other benefits. Statesville injury attorney Anthony Privette has successfully handled numerous cases involving personal injury and workers’ compensation law, helping injured victims and workers obtain the maximum recovery possible at trial or through settlement. He is also well versed in of employment law, including issues of discrimination, unemployment benefits, and drafting employee handbooks. Whether the issue requires trial, mediation, or settlement, Mr. Privette can help employers and employees throughout North Carolina resolve their workplace disputes.

For years, Anthony Privette has been dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of clients throughout North Carolina. He has successfully handled all types of cases involving traffic citations, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and personal injury. Equally comfortable in the courtroom and in mediation, Mr. Privette has also helped numerous businesses and private parties form corporate entities, close real estate transactions, and resolve their employment law disputes.

His dedication to providing honest and compassionate representation is invaluable to clients, many of whom face catastrophic injuries and serious financial setbacks after an accident. Whether he is defending your rights in trial or helping you craft a comprehensive estate plan, Statesville injury lawyer Anthony Privette strives to obtain the best outcome possible in your case. For a confidential consultation, call Mr. Privette at (704) 872-8125. We look forward to hearing from you.

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